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The Aim of This Website

The main aim of this website is to promote athletics by discovering more young talent to deliver future champions and record holders to put South Africa on the athletics map of the world. It is important for athletics in this country to develop the potential of young athletes in schools and clubs to the full.

Coaches are encouraged to help each other to create a positive environment in which our athletes can train and achieve. To achieve this coaches must equip themselves with knowledge by doing research and learning from the experience of successful coaches.

Pedro Aaron

South African school champion and South African
youth and junior champion in the long jump

A Coaching Experience


About Coach Stephané Kotze

Stephané Kotze started his athletic career when he entered Primary School at Steynsburg in the Eastern Cape. He later went to Cradock High School and to Volkskool in Potchefstroom where he took part in the sprinting events and the long jump. He competed at senior level between 1970 and 1981 and was the South African senior champion in the long jump in 1979 which was the highlight of his career as an athlete.

After he retired as an athlete he started to coach long jump, sprinting and hurdles. His input as a coach resulted in many successful athletes who obtained Springbok and Protea colours during the many years of training under his guidance.

As a teacher Stephané believes that life and coaching are learning experiences. To him the way an athlete thinks is important in his daily programme. He is constantly aware of the athlete’s from day to day body language during training sessions. His approach is that the mind must be focused on short -, medium- and long-term goals.

The mental preparation of the athlete must according to Stephané be taken in consideration because it is often the little things that influence the athlete’s mindset and approach. In the coaching process the coach must solve small as well as bigger problems to make life easier for the athlete during competition.

In the coaching process communication between coach and athlete is very important to help the athlete to have a positive approach. Stephané listens to an athlete to find out how he or she feels about aspects of the training programme. To increase the confidence of the athlete it is vital to him to give precise feedback about his observations during training sessions.

Throughout his career as a coach Stephané took several athletes from humble beginnings to become champions. Coaching is to him about a close and understanding relationship between him and his athletes. It is a relationship that starts at a young age and develops over the years to a relationship between a mentor and champion. There must be mutual trust between coach and athlete which leads to continuous improvement and new goals.

Although Stephané produced great athletes in the past he is always ready for a new challenge to help a young athlete to experience fulfilment by achieving excellence on the track and the field. At present he is a teacher at Goudrif Hoerskool where he is continueing his great contribution to South African athletics by developing young talent. One of his up and coming stars is Petro Aaron who was an average athlete at primary school but he developed into a promising long jump athlete at Goudrif Hoerskool since his grade 8 year. During 2016 he won the gold medal at the South African high school championships and also won the gold medal at the ASA youth championships. Stephané enables Pedro to develop to his full potential by allowing him to take part in many events such as the 100 meters, 400 metres and long jump.

Against this background it is clear that Stephané Kotze made a huge contribution to South African athletics by devoting a lifetime to the development of athletic talent in this country.

Stephane Kotze and Pedro Aaron,

Stephane Kotze and Pedro Aaron,

South African Junior Athletics Champion